Historical Association of South Jefferson

Town of Worth

Diamond, Fredericks Corners, Seven-by-Nine, Stears Corners, VanAukins Corners, Worth, Worthville, Worth Center.

The Town of Worth was formed from Lorraine on April 12, 1848. It is located in the southeastern corner of Jefferson County, and is bounded on the north by Rodman and Pickney, on the east by the Lewis County town of Montague, on the south by the Oswego County town of Redfield, and on the west by Lorraine. The surface of the town is very elevated and the altitude is greater than any other part of the county.

The first settlers, Asaph Case and Leonard Bullock, came to Worth in the fall of 1802. They were soon followed by Eli Gillette. Leonard Bullock's first house was built entirely of logs, without floor, door or windows. The roof was made of hollow basswood logs, split, and laid so that every other one formed a trough to carry away the water. A blanket hung up served as a door, and the earth, smoothed down and covered with leaves, served for a floor. This way Mr. Bullock, wife and 10 children spent the first winter.

In the spring of 1803 Joseph Wilcox settled in the town, followed by Warren Flower, Lodowick Edwards, John Griswold, Ezekiel Cheever, Phineas Rose, Joel Caulkins, Abram Ford, Nathan Mattoon, Asa Sweet, John Pinear, Phinease Stevens, Elijah Richmond, David Richmond, John Sagas, William Sagas, John Houghtaling.

Principal Communities were: Worthville, Worth Center, and Diamond.

Revolutionary War Veterans buried in the Town of Worth:

Rising Cemetery - Joseph Wilcox

Stears Corners Cemetery - Joel Caulkins (1/27/1760-2/7/1848)

Worthville Cemetery - Levi Smith (5/22/1755-9/4/1848)

Businesses in the village of Worth in 1866-67:

(from the Jefferson County Business Directory for 1866-67) Population of the entire town - 611

  • Blacksmiths - Albert Harrington, Francis D. Frederick
  • Boot & Shoe Shop - Alex LaClair
  • Carriagemaker - David H. Atkins
  • Carpenter - Charles E. Vallier
  • Clergyman - Alex LaClair, Methodist
  • Collector of Taxes - Stephen A. Grimshaw
  • Constables - Stephen A. Grimshaw, Horace Streeter, Leonard Bullock
  • Cooper - Alfred W. Tiffany
  • General Merchant - Albert S. Gillett
  • Gristmill - Solomon W. Kellogg
  • Hotel - Horace Streeter
  • Justice of the Peace - Henry Hitchcock, Carlton C. Moore, Solomon B. Stears, Gordon C. Tabor
  • Land Agent - Albert S. Gillett
  • Mason - Isaac Sloan
  • Planing Mill - Abel Case
  • Postmaster - Albert S. Gillett
  • Sawmills - Abel Case, Solomon W. Kellogg, Jonathan M. Ackley, Edward Cornell, Levi G. Potter
  • Supervisor - Carlton C. Moore
  • Town Clerk - Henry Hitchcock

Known Rising Cemetery Burials:

located on Loomis Road, about one half mile east of County Route 189 (inactive)

  • Kellogg, Sarah - d. 5/4/1844 22y, wife of Harry Kellogg
  • Rising, Abner - d. 7/6/1825 16y
  • Wilcox, Charles Delos - d. 6/12/1829 8m20d, son of Sterling Wilcox
  • Wilcox, Gilbert - d. 2/4/1850 12y, son of Sterling Wilcox
  • Wilcox, Joseph - d. 12/30/1849 88y, War of 1812 vet.
  • Wilcox, Hannah (Banning) - d. 1841 76y, wife of Joseph

Known Stears Corners Cemetery Burials:

located midway between Stears Corners and Fredericks Corners on County Route 95 (inactive)

  • Caulkins, Joel - d. 7/7/1848 88y, Rev. War vet.
  • Caulkins, Bethia (Barrass) - d. 1/27/1835 70y, wife of Joel
  • Lyon, Dorastus - d. 4/4/1844 37y
  • Mattoon, Nathan Sr. - d. 7/4/1845 78y
  • Mattoon, Hannah (Chase) - d. 8/25/1851 62y, wife of Nathan Sr.
  • Mattoon, Nathan Jr. - d. 1/18/1865 43y, Civil War