Historical Association of South Jefferson

Town of Rodman

Babbit's Corners, Dillin, East Rodman, Rodman,Toad Hollow, Tremaines's Corners, Unionville, West Rodman, Whitesville, Whitford Corners, Zoar.

The town of Rodman was formed from Adams on March 24, 1804 under the name of Harrison. The present name was adopted in April 6, 1808. On February 12, 1808 the eastern part of the town was taken off and added to the town of Pinckney, and the county line changed to run between Rodman and Pinckney. Rodman is bounded on the north by Watertown, on the east by the Town of Rutland and the Lewis County town of Pinckney, on the south by Lorraine and Worth and on the west by Adams.

The surface is elevated and many hills and gorges. The town was surveyed in 1798 and divided into 56 great lots. The town was opened for settlement in 1801 at $3.50 per acre.

The first settlers in 1801 were: Anson Moody, Eben Moody, Jonathan Davis, Noah Davis, Aaron Davis, Simeon Hunt, Benjamin Thomas, and William Rice.

Settlers in 1802 were: Timothy Greenley, Thomas White, Daniel Todd.

1803 - William Dodge, Reuben Smith.

1804 - Jesse Smith, Aaron Moody, Horace Townsend, Thomas White, Joseph Nickles, Arnold Stone, Nathan Whitman, Avery Walsworth, Joseph Dana, Titus King,

Thadrick Case, Leonard Farewell, Joshua Finney, John Vaughan, Leonard Baker.

1805 -1811 - Ziba Buell, Stephen Cook, Jesse Wright, John Butterfield, John Burton, Jacob Heath, Nathaniel Harrington, Solomon Priest, Joseph Priest, Job Priest, Bazaleel Gleason, Roswell Blanchard, Luther Eastman, Peter Yandes, Beloved Rhodes, Cyrus Stone, Isaiah Post, Calvin Clifford, George Thomas, Elijah Russell, Enoch Murray, Caleb Woodward, Zachariah Walsworth, Abel Loveland, Timothy Underwood, Abijah Kellogg, Stoddard Eastman, Nathaniel Tremaine, Greene Kellogg, Amariah Babbitt, Heman Swift, Titus King, Luther Woodworth, Reuben Tremaine, Ebenezer Blackstone, James Wright, Thomas Harrington, Nathan Whitman, John Burr, William Flint, Daniel Field, Daniel Kinney, Samuel Ralph, Joseph Pratt, Alanson Cummings, Charles Parmeter, Alvin Buck, Ansel Brainard, Benoni Edwards, Samuel Kelsey, Return Russell, Philo Booth, James Glass and Asa Hill.

Revolutionary War Veterans buried in the Town of Rodman:

Fairview Cemetery, Rodman:

William Butterfield (d. 1/17/18??)

Jesse Colman (10/15/1764-6/24/1851)

Charles Cook (d. 10/13/1843)

Silas Gates (1758-8/28/1836)

Andrew McKee (1758-5/1/1842)

Ariel Nims (2/25/1751-1839)

John Russell (1761-6/22/1844)

Gulf Stream Cemetery

Jesse Wright (8/11/1753-7/8/1827)

Crandall-Hill Cemetery

David Taylor (1750-8/28/1835)

East Rodman Cemetery

William Gardner (2/12/1758-7/19/1840)

John Peck (4/2/1747-1/18/1830)

Businesses in the village of Rodman in 1866-67:

(from the Jefferson County Business Directory for 1866-67)

  • Blacksmiths - William Burnside, Richard Maloney, Ora K. Newton
  • Boot & Shoe Shops - Winston D. Allport, Franklin J. McIntosh
  • Butcher - Simeon Clark
  • Carpenters - John P. Spear, Nathaniel E. Spear, Ebenezer L. Wait, Adam S. Blair, Alfred Angel, Orvil E. Winslow, Alfred F. Wright
  • Carriagemaker - William Burnside
  • Chairmaker - Moses Haynes
  • Cheese box maker - A.M. Newton, Amos Smith
  • Cheesefactory - Hanford & Vroman
  • Clergymen - Rev. A.B. Dilley, Cong.; Rev. H.C. Abbott, ME
  • Collector of Taxes - Nelson G. Cooley
  • Constable - John Sheerer
  • Dressmakers - L. Ann Edwards, Hattie Empey
  • Furniture Dealers - Norman & J.M. Lyon
  • General Marchants - William & Charles D. Gilbert; Leander W. Cooley, John P. Billings
  • Gristmills - Orson M. Cooley, Amos Davis
  • Hardware Store - A.C. Hughs & Co. (Arnold C. Hughes & George C. Parker)
  • Harnessmaker - Charles D. Moffett
  • Hotels - William H. Soules, Samuel Brown
  • Insurance Agent - Leander W. Cooley
  • Justice of the Peace - Charles D. Moffett, George A. Gates, George L. Butterfield
  • Livery Stable - William Empey
  • Mason - Hiram A. Smith
  • Masonic - Rodman Lodge No. 506
  • Millinery - Mrs. O.M. Cooley
  • Physician - William Christie, Truman Tuttle
  • Postmaster - John P. Billings
  • Sawmills - William R. Hanford, Martin S. Wait, Daniel Eastman, H.P. Webb
  • Supervisor - Oliver C. Wyman
  • Tailor - Nicholas Keegan
  • Tannery - Hiram Herring, Amos Davis
  • Tinware & Stoves - A.C. Hughes & Co.
  • Town Clerk - Leander W. Cooley

Businesses in East Rodman in 1866-67:

(from the Jefferson County Business Directory for 1866-67)

  • Blacksmith - Russell Merrill
  • Cheesefactory - Converse S. Wilson
  • Cooper - Russell Green
  • General Merchant - M.S. Wait
  • Gristmill - Jacob V. Buskirk
  • Hotels - D.C. Wait
  • Sawmills - Jacob V. Buskirk

Businesses in Unionville in 1866-67:

(from the Jefferson County Business Directory for 1866-67)

  • Blacksmiths - Elias Peters, Francis Butt
  • Carpenters - John Wait, Calvin H. Dye
  • Cooper - William Clarey
  • General Merchant - Zeba Buel
  • Millwright - James Brooks
  • Shoemaker - Henry Holcomb
  • Tannery - Jasper Catlin
  • Wagonmaker - Eli Phelps

Known Crandall-Hill Cemetery Burials:

located on Bibbons Road, near Wyman Road and is an inactive cemetery

  • Collins, Norton K. - d. 1/11/1860 11y24d, s. of G.C. & L.C. Collins
  • Crandall, Content - d. 3/20/1867 90y, wife of William Crandall
  • Crandall, Isaac N. - d. 3/28/1839 27y
  • Crandall, Jared - d. 5/14/1811 9y, s. of William & Content
  • Crandall, William - (no dates available)
  • Harvey, Sarah - d. 4/21/1837 28y, wife of Abel Harvey
  • Hill, 2 Infants - (no dates), children of Calvin & Lois Hill
  • Hill, L. Antoinette - d. 2/17/1839 16m, da. of Calvin & Lois Hill
  • Sisson, Lucy - d. 4/17/1813 13y3m
  • Taylor, David - d. 10/2/1839 89y, Rev. War Vet.
  • Taylor, Rosannah (Gilbert) - d. 8/28/1838 85y, wife of David Taylor

Known Ross Corners Cemetery Burials:

located on Washington Park Road just west of the corner with Patrick Road. It is located in a grove of trees in a field, south side of road, not visible from road on private property.

  • Boynton, Sarah - d. 3/26/1844 27y4d, wife of Charles
  • Copeland, Alvin - d. 10/30/1831 11y, son of Asa & Cyrene
  • Greene, Abraham - d. 5/30/1826 60y
  • Greene, Aanna (Ross) - d. 4/20/1855 81y, wife of Abraham
  • Jordan, Patrick - d. 11/23/1863 81y
  • McDaniels, Samuel - d. 1/2/1841 26y
  • Putnam, Mary - d. 2/8/1829 78y, wife of Archelaus